Not just a wedding singer, but an entertainer and showman. With his wide repertoire and charisma he'll have your wedding reception buzzing. From the first dance to the closing encore, Chris will give you a night to remember. Not just an hour but he'll keep the party going for up to 4 hours.

Fêtes and Markets

You will often find Chris at market days and fêtes. A real draw to get people to the event. A great end to a busy day shopping, selling, eating... whatever.  With Chris as an attraction you'll guarantee a large audience. Sorry, you'll have to provide your own crowd control 🙂

Bars and Restaurants

Bars and restaurants are ideal venues, evening or lunchtime, inside or out Chris is an ideal accompaniment to a drin or a meal. Le Soleil couchant, Le Moulin du Breuil to name two recent examples.

Private Functions

Chis was approached just a few weeks before this surprise birthday party. Setting up "in secret" was hard but by the time the 50 or so guests had arrived the party was in full swing. Chris' wide repertoire was greatly appreciated by grandad as well as great great grandchildren especially Volare.

Weddings, birthdays, christmas, new year, new arrivals, moving in, moving out, whatever the occasion Chris adds that extra pazazz, everyone will be talking about the party for weeks to come.

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